A Twin Journey


Despite whatever your twin flame circumstance, time doesn’t exist,

and what’s always there, is this:

Eternally connected

And when we connect

We become bigger

We give birth to something else

We reveal, whats been there, that we couldn’t see, until we connect

Electricity is a lower word for it

More like portal

Into the bigger picture

Into other worlds

A bigger broader view

That doesn’t seem to end

And yet I don’t see where it began

Eternal must be the word

And eternal knowing

That we all know before coming into this life

That we chose to forget, in order to live our chosen existence

And yet when we connect

The power is on

And we can see

So much more

Then we ever thought possible

With our limited existence

On this plane


Its like looking walking past a shut tv in your living room your whole life,

As a cave person

And then when you see, your twin

You see, that theres this TV there

And when you connect, which typically will be with eye contact


All of a sudden, you find the remote


And when you really connect, with intimate eye contact

The remote turns the TV on

And you’re like woa


A second ago I didn’t even know I had a TV

and I was merely amazed by this specimen


Then it magically has light and pictures and choices and so many options

Where do the channels begin, where do they end

Nothing solid to show or display those notions


Nothing about this is solid

And yet its all here


And when you experience this, solid doesn’t even come into the equation

Some, how, it’s realer then solid

It’s realer then anything we’ve ever known here


Somehow theres no need for a question of wheres the physical

Because what you experience is realer then that


The question of that only comes in,

When you come back down to Earth


And when you look back at what you experience

And then try to translate it to other people

Like I’m doing right now


And you realize, o yea, what makes sense to us

Is all we’ve known so far here

Which is the physical


That’s what you think

But then

When you look back at days with your grandparents or loved ones,

Do you remember more physical things, or emotional things?


If you do remember something physical its because there was emotion attached to it in some way


Really, what’s real, is the emotions we experience here

We don’t take the physical objects with us

Only our experiences


It’s funny I could’ve sworn as I was writing this, I felt there was music

Then after I started writing about it being back down to Earth, it was quieter

And I noticed the difference


Nothing about this is solid,

and yet it’s the most solid thing I’ve ever felt

Because I didn’t feel it with my hands

I felt it with my heart

twin stars love

Wallpaper downloaded from http://lovewallpapers4u.blogspot.com/


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