What if…


Kristina Antosik

When inspiration strikes….11:31pm jan 7 2016


What If…


What if there are parallel universes

And what if, when you fall asleep in one, you wake up in the other, &vice versa


In each one you only have memory of that one, then when you go to sleep and enter the other, you only have memory of the one you’re awake in.


Which may be why, after a certain time of not having sleep, one will go crazy in some way or another, it’s “human nature”


It’s “human nature“…or science that you’re dying in the other one


What if in that reality( or other universe), you had everything you dream of here?

Ironically enough, what if in that one, you dream of everything you have here..


What if in this one you had money, but dreamt of love,

and in the other you had love, but dreamt of money


What if it’s the ying to the yang


What if I was successful there,

what if I still had parents,

what if I had a family with kids,

what if you loved me.


There are times I wake up, and just want to crawl back into the dream I came from


There are times I wake up crying, missing the one’s that are still with me, in my dreams


Then there are times I am so grateful to be waking up, to the reality I’m aware of here


And throughout there are times, where I wake up and could sign an affidavit, that the dreams I experienced there, are the realest experiences I’ve ever felt and had,

to my knowledge, -across the board.


I’m not a scientist, nor a sleep specialist, in this reality anyway, so I can’t say for sure what is happening in the structure of facts.

I am however, one of the many many people, who are becoming natural metaphysicists by the mere experience of waking up. The veil is thinning people, and we are all awakening, this time in a myriad of ways.

This awakening is not a flat line going from left to right like what you are reading. This awakening has depth and dimensions that are gradually showing themselves in the most natural way, like the way a flower blooms.

At the exact pace you can receive it.


What if, in the other universe we are all already awakened, and our more-awakened selves are trying to encourage this univers’s selves, to also awaken to this, knowing of our existence.

Is that what lucid dreaming is, to some extent?

It’s lucid dreaming on this end, yet on the other end(/universe), you’re in a hypnotic state, and wonder why you came in that room to begin with.


Sound familiar?

If not think of every time you lost something.

Did you know, that every time you lose something it’s because you’re on autopilot, a.k.a. a hypnotic state?


Then it came out in the new age studies, that your lost keys have just popped into another universe or you popped into another universe.


Well….as open as I am to all possibilities, wouldn’t it make more sense, and yet still agree on every level –what if you’re on autopilot/hynotic state in one universe (the way most of us drive btw) because you’re lucid dreaming in the other (when you’de normally be sleeping not lucid dreaming or semi up). Therefore you’re not fully there (consiuos) in the one where you’re losing you’re keys anyway.


The object did not disappear into another universe, you were just not fully in that present universe enough to take in or remember where you put the object, because part of you is conscious as your sleeping in the other one, by lucid dreaming/or even waking up a bit; thus making you not fully awake/present/conscious in the one you’re losing things in. hence why you’re losing things.


Remember asleep in one, awake in the other. Lucid dreaming you’re not completely asleep, you’re still pretty conscious, therefore what would that do to your other side? Divide the consciousness. Energy can not be created nor destroyed, only transferred. You’re conciuosness is not completely getting transferred to the other side when it’s still semi here. I know when I’m not fully conscious I’m losing everything, and this is why after not enough sleep, peeps be losing their minds.


But on a more common level, we’re all operating on a hypnotic state a lot more than we think we are, …because we didn’t get enough sleep the night before? When is any night of sleep perfect, especially as we get older. A sleep study will surprise you.

Interesting how the more you think about it, all dots connect.

Just a theory


What if…

Well if thoughts become things,

and anything and everything is possible in the world of quantum physics

then it is so

and the point of this is: just think of what else is possible….anything you want,

talk about a whole new world

Speaking of sleeping, that’s where I must go now; because if this is true, my other universe’s self has lost her keys 5x by now and is probably locked out of her car, with her dog, and possibly her kids.

Goodnight,…..good morning, and good luck 😉


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