Approaching Summer While Approaching 30…..…….What The F#Ck is going on

Approaching Summer While Approaching 30

-What the FUCK is going on


-KrisTina Antosik

To bar or not to bar, kill me

I’ve been told time and time again you will not find long term relationship at a bar.

However I believe I have developed a long term relationship with wine

Twin Flame, F*ck Flame

Where is he now

besides my heart

Yet my heart and I are not going to produce kids

Why do I still feel like a kid

And yet not

Trying to get a house

With an income the size of a mouse

Kill me

But Love me

Anyone and anything love me

I need as much as I can right now

Except for you,

You I need to break up with

Your amazing,

But bc I’mm (insert whatever word you would like here)

I can’t see you as rest-of-my-life material

Which means, at this age, u gots to get off my path

His sense of humour’s amazing

But then what

Rest of my life requires more dimensions

He loves me

I color-in his book

But I’m exausted and bored of doing all the coloring

Its very predictable

I want someone to color-in my book

What ever happened to co-coloring

So leave I must, and please let me go

You know I love you, this we know

Which is why its been hard for me, to let myself go

But for myself I must

And for myself this is just

Myself I must trust

You see when I hear love songs, I don’t think of him.

I gave it a 7 month shot.

Now it’s time to give me a shot

A shot at 23 consisted of whiskey

I wish it were that simple now, but it’s not

I need to give myself a shot at life

A real shot at love

And if not with another person,

Then with myself is enough

Approaching 30 has you realize

There’s no more room for pretending

or adjusting your likes to nearby guys

Approaching 30 sharpens your vision

And has you look toward the skies

Up we grow and up we go

No more time for lies

I can see right through them now you see

No more time to try and deny

Now’s the time to be honest with yourself

Before your whole life becomes a lie

Figure out what you really want now

Because we are only given so much time



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