The Science Behind LOA/Quantum Jumping/Parallel Universes


This is a 2-parter. The first part is for the soul, the second left to science.

For more and more we are discovering the blurred lines between the two.

“Let’s Call it Fiction, For Now”
In that, this has all actually happened. However until the “New Age” is completely transcended to the later part of the “Golden Age” I’m not sure these writings/scriptures of the soul, can be released to the public on account that people may not be ready for it –and when people aren’t ready for something, they put it into other boxes or categories of thought until they are. Categories usually later deemed as inappropriate and actually found to be quite the opposite of the truth or point.

If every artist colored within the lines, where would we be?
If no one ever broke barriers politically, where would we be?
We are constantly evolving, and this my friends, is the new age -welcome.

This feels like mental masturbation in that, it feels so good to think, write, or feel about this.
I got a couple insights today…
Everyone that knows my blog, knows about the vision I had in 08 that seemed like more than a vision, seemed interactive, and seemed very shared by who I later realized was my “twin flame” years later. This was realized when I discovered there was actually a term for what I just thought was, true love.
If you’re not familiar with this vision, here it is:

It was, what later events led me to believe to be, a shared vision. Where I felt every cell of my being purely love every cell of his being; and it actually goes much farther above and beyond that, into what might be the future, if you read the link.

I remember each time we had together like it was yesterday. Time doesn’t seem to play a part or have an effect on us.
I remember when he was in my apartment last August….it never matters what job him or I have or what structures we find ourselves in, our souls will always connect, because our cores remain the same –forever growing/evolving, but forever correlating with one another, in harmony.
I’m constantly and peacefully trying to awaken him to what happened years ago and that it actually happened, without sounding …like one of those categories people are put in when not understood.
As unsure as I may come off about this experience, my soul always knows and the confidence of my soul’s knowing pours out all around him, surprising even my character.
As we mingle with one another playfully, I’m paused and time is irrelevant. He eventually asks/inquires –possibley without words, either way I felt the peaceful need to express why I was paused and looking at his skin.

“……You ……have freckles….” I say
“yea” he says in an obvious tone….”I always have”
“….I….never knew…..” I stated, as he seemed a slight bit surprised while seeming a bit more confused as to why that matters.
Smiling and slyly I said nonchalantly, “There are just things you learn about someone as time goes on that you didn’t know before” trying to fit my revelation into the norm of now….

”like the fact that my hair gets curly and dark when wet” I said matter of factly, then he started to slightly perk up “–really?” He said, almost as surprised as he said it the first time 5 years prior…
“Yes” I said peacefully and knowlingley, ignoring that I should’ve been feeling a feeling being in a time warp where I remember something he once did, and he doesn’t remember me telling him this prior. Yet again, time is irrelevant when it comes to twin souls.

Here’s where I changed things in my vision. As I’m listening to amazing music that relates, treading on the elliptical, and creating music videos and visions in my head as a form of meditation, I then continue the tale of the truth –with what could’ve happened then, what my soul wants to do now.
In reality, we just had a few indefinite moments of “time” where it possibley sank in.
Yet in my vision now,
I said his beautiful-and-natural-to-me name,peacefully and lovingly and lovingly grabbed his chin with one hand and soft movement and let our eyes connect. As “time” drifted into non-existence and our eyes looked deep into eachothers, I’ve never seen so deep into someone’s eyes to be able to see what could’ve been infinity. Infinite past lives, possibley the future, times together, a history, story, emotions felt and about to be felt, our connection and intense passionate and happy love through it all, movement, recognition, we recognize eachother so simpley yet more to it –and there’s the hook –yes.

The hook that says and knows, he’s recognized me too. For what I was seeing, wasn’t just into him, but a reflection of us and me as well, a reflection of divine infinity. For if he wasn’t who he was to me, a twin flame, I wouldn’tve been able to see all of that. The knowing that he also was experiencing it, because our worlds were experienced together, we are a reflection of the other. There’s a knowing there, how I know this I don’t know, but I know it through feeling –the same way any soul knows anything. The only feeling that bleeds genuinity, truth. He also wouldn’tve been able to see all of whatever he experienced in me, if I wasn’t his twin flame; and this is one of the definite ways, twins truly recognize each-other.

The Science Behind the Law of Attraction/Quantum Jumping

When I walked out of the gym, I was in such a high from the closeness I felt with him….that I had an experience that I’ve had many many times before in my life, that now makes sense to me…Where everything looked the same, on paper per say –yet looked completely different from my perspective.
There have been times in my life, where I’ll be somewhere, anywhere, that is usual or normal to me, and yet I inwardly feel a little –as people would call it, “disoriented” in that. I’ll know my way around, just not asss familiar, or not in the same way I should say, that I knew moments prior. If I were to trying and translate this feeling into the physical, it would be like having the shoes on the wrong foot, or writing with your non-dominant hand. You can do it, but its different. Everything feels different, however it’s the world you know, but now you know it differently.

Thus, I got to my car, got in, yet with this new feeling/perspective on life, I had an idea of how to get out of the parking lot, and which way is the best to go home, but it wasn’t as routine/autopilot as it was the day before… or even as it was when I got there. The parking lot now looked the way it did years prior when I used to go to Chili’s there, different, then the way I’m used to it looking/feeling from when I first started going to the gym there. This may be due to the fact that perhaps when I was going to Chili’s years ago with friends I was feeling happier, say a level 7, vs the way I’ve been feeling in my transition and graduation from another growing part of my life and perhaps had to start the next level at a 3.
Well with my visions and ideas putting me on a high, I was close to feeling more of a 7 vs the 3 I was used to from starting my newest level of growth.
See we’re constantly evolving and going up in levels of experience and spiritual growth and graduating in knowledge every day. But each level has a gradient of emotional levels in it. The same way you were in 8th grade and the head of your middle school, yet the next year you were in 9nth grade yet the runt of your high school, yettt all the while you were still excelling. Just because you felt inferior in your highschool at that time, did not mean you weren’t excelling in life. Feeling inferior in high school yet at the same time you still knew on some level you were better there, than you were in middle school.
So being at emotional level 1 or 2 or wherever you start out on whatever level you graduated to, while being temporarily uncomfortable just due to the mere transitional period of change, you still innately know you’re on the right track and it’s better than being at emotional level 9, of the previous level/plane of growth knowledge.

What also relates to this is, they say whenever you “lose” anything, it’s because you switched universes or was knocked into a parallel one. This is also another way of looking at it. That’s exactly what’s going on when I say things feel different.

Why wouldn’t you remember where you put your keys? Because you’re mind was elsewhere either when you put them down, orrrr your mind is now in a different place then where it was when you put them down. The reason your mind is in a different place, is because you got distracted by a thought, which had a feeling, which brought you into a different universe –which also may have been what was going on, when you put them down initially (your mind being elsewhere) and possibbley transferring you to a different universe depending on the nature of your thoughts. Your Consciuosness creates your reality. There are multiple realities going on at once. You’re mind chooses which one your in, depending on the feeling/ nature of your thoughts.

I understand this may sound overwhelming, but it’s not. When you let the dust settle and allow all the words to digest into the meaning, it will eventually make simple sense after a while.
Once it starts to sink in it will also become a relief when you realize that you have control over your world. The amount of control you have over your world is directly correlated to the focus/control you have over your thoughts and feelings, or really your ability to feel the feelings you want to feel.

Choose the ones that make you feel good, after enough time of this, things will start to change. It gets better with practice, like an exercise, except for your brain+heart, and that feels good.


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