Trumping Twilight


from the Twin Flame poetry collection ,written last year

derived from real experiences


Trumping Twilight

by KrisTina Antosik


Your eyes represent eternity to me

Your face, a comfort in which my soul can lay


I would take a connection with you

In exchange for my entire life

For a connection with you

Is what makes me feel alive


A writer is a writer

Yet how can one convey

A beauty beyond words

Exceeding what any language can say


How to describe

Sight to your ears

Hearing to your eyes

Some things words cannot come near


How to explain

A sixth, seventh, or eighth sense

With the five that remain

While still relaying the true essence


Love is a universal language

Yet conveying the essence of pure love

May seem foreign to the average

 And yet crucial to some


Loving you is what comes natural to me

And fuels my entire existence

It makes sense of my entire life you see

And leaves all other possibilities to resistance


If time and space

Are dependent on our minds

Then when and where are you

I’ve been waiting for a sign


Until I realize

You’ve been with me all along

I can see you with my heart

and hear you in my song


If I were to die Tuesday

My only wish would be

That before I left this entirety

you knew you are my purest sincerity


I loved you before

And I’ll love you again

This next lifetime

And the timelessness within


All I know

Is if there’s still life in me

It’s because you are present

And are the reason for my being


I’m not co-dependent

Nor wish to be

I just know the difference

Between existing and living


Twilight has nothing on me

Because this surpasses

Even that realm of reality

Into the one of infinite possibilites


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