After All

from the Twin Flame Poetry collection

written September of 2013Image


After All

 A Twin Flame Poem

Written by KrisTina Antosik



I feel you

When you’re not there

And to my spiritual lungs

You are my air


You breathed me into life

With your presence

Which seemed to continue on

With your body absent


Physicality needn’t be a necessity

For your presence to exist

-for you could suffer a fatality

And I’d still feel you in my midst


Others seem to perceive

 Your eyes are to be brown

Yet to me, they’re a prism of possibilities

That I would call home


When I met you

It was every type of love I’ve ever felt

Experienced all at once

Sprinkled with a little something extra

From beyond


That was 5+ years ago

&I often wonder if you have any inkling

That I’ve thought of you every day since

And my feelings remain the same


You told me you were moving

&I seemed unfazed

After all, we never needed physicality

To connect through this haze


I kept cool, like I always seem to

Acting like none of it mattered

After all, I only actually saw him every so often

-Yet when I did I noticed a pattern..


I would experience a sense of calm fulfillment

That seems so natural

 And we would rest in each other’s aura

And realize this is where we should be after all


After he moved

It hit me like a ton of bricks

I was numb and robotic for a couple days

+chalked it up to being sick


Yet through the sobbing

It became clear

I can’t even fool myself

This love was legit and sincere


I caught a blurry glimpse of myself

Through the tears, in the mirror

+Although my red eyes screamed pain

The sheer passion and love became quite clear


At that exact moment

A part of me saw the beauty in this

That the self-lessness and incredibly pure Love I have for this man

Is simply gorgeous


Love is timeless you see

Love defies and lacks logic

Allowing your soul to run free

and your playful side to frolic


Looking for an end to true love is like

 Looking for completion in the outline of a ball

It’s becoming quite clear to me

That there is no after all

After all 


(KrisTina Antosik is currently in the process of working on an

 inspiring, comedic, moving, unique, and revolutionary memoir)


©KrisTinaAntosik2013All Rights Reserved


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