Twin Flames Meet Poem


I wrote a series of poems last year, most of which bled out during my transition after my Twin Flame had moved. I was keeping them private for a variety of reasons but I believe it’s at the point in this Golden Age, where I’m ready to shed those parts of my soul for any that may find resonance or relief in the words, then hopefully knowing, that they are not alone with such true, genuine, and most likely private, feelings.

Here is:

Twin Flames Meet

written February of 2013


The day started out like any other

Doing what I love to do

Little did I know it was anything but cookie cutter

The day that I met you


I went to get my friend some food

And had trouble with the doors

Our happy harmoniec body language soothed

Every energy and could not be ignored


You opened each door for me

in more ways than one

And when you got behind the counter with glee

Facing you, my life had begun


I had lived quite a life before this

Yet it seemed like none of that mattered

Because once that eye contact was established

It left the realms of my current reality shattered


My father became an angel when I was six

And my mom when I was eleven

Getting hit by a car wasn’t an easy fix

Yet they both seemed to help me transcend


Lots more has happened since

It seems like eight lifetimes in one

Yet it wasn’t until that day, that I got the gist

Of the spiritual realm of fun


They say time cannot be stopped

Yet I swear in that moment it did

Wouldn’t be surprised if my jaw dropped

And for a moment no words needed to be said


It may seem like just a moment in time

And I wish I could say that was the end

Yet I was never one for lying

And that’s where my spiritual journey began


(KrisTina Antosik is currently in the process of working on an

 inspiring, comedic, touching, unique, and enlightening memoir)

©KrisTinaAntosik2013All Rights Reserved


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