Wake Up, There Are Angels When You’re Ready


Hey everyone, hope all are doing well.

Although, living on Planet Earth and given that this is not Heaven, how well can it get?

How well can it get, is the question one should ask themselves everyday in order to have the Law of Attraction work in their favor.

It’s ironic what a follower and advocate I am of the Law Of Attraction, yet in my own way, can’t wait to get to Heaven; when I know in reality, we should be making our own Heaven.

We should be grateful for each day spent down here, I’m aware, yet I understand how hard it is to feel that way given what occurs here as well. I can’t tell you how many times I am grateful everyday, and really try to practice gratitude everyday, knowing not to take life for granted, yet when it comes to topics of Heaven etc, I can’t help but feel, I can’t wait to get there.

After all, that’s where most of my family is.

I often catch myself thinking, what did I sign up for. I am so grateful for this life and yet, there’s so much pain sometimes. My tears are the key the genuinity, yet not the keys to Heaven.

However lately, I’ve been experiencing a different feeling. That each and every one of us can go at any time. Life is so short, and I don’t mean that in a sad way. I know life is short, from everyone I’ve lost, yet unfortunately I was left here to feel all of that loss. Yet now, more and more, I start to realize, every day really is a gift -because at any point in time we could just go.

It’s almost like being at a summer camp you don’t like. You know you have to be there, and eventually look back on experiences and realize it wasn’t soo bad and you’ve learned. Gone are the days when you feel you are there forever, and now are the days you realize you can get picked up by your parents at any time. When you start feeling that way, it’s not so bad at summer camp anymore, and you actually start to appreciate it there, knowing you’re not going to be there forever, you’re days there are numbered; so you might as well get the most out of it.

That’s how I’m starting to feel more and more.

If you read my last blog, you’d know I was going through a sort of a breakup.

And as much you may know it’s the right thing, etc the pain still comes when you’re a loving human, which I am.

Strong, but loving, and strong enough to know to let go. -However during that process you feel pretty damn weak, and sick of being strong. During times like these when I feel alone, I always want to turn to my parents, but they are in Heaven. Thus my spiritual evolution continues as I try and learn more and more on how to communicate with what’s bigger than us.

I saw a youtube video where someone said if you request to see something specific as some sort of answer to your question that you are asking the angels, it’ll be shown to you, and in the time you asked them too.

Basically, angels are all around us, and want to help us, but only can if we ask.

To assist in this process, sit usually alone, connect with your heart of hearts, your true self, center yourself, feel love, and honestly ask your angels whatever question you have.

Say if the answer is yes, show me this -then give them a time in which to do it -before Wednesday of this week, or something. Make sure what you want to be shown to you, is specific enough, so that when you see it, you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt, that it is you’re answer from them and you’ll feel it.

Thus, my question was: Is this legit? Meaning, is this true communication with angels? and not just, the law of attraction. In other words, the law of attraction states, if you keep and image in your head, you’re going to see it manifest into your reality anyway, so let’s hope its not just that.

I said, if it’s legit, show me a penguin, with a hat. -It has to be specific, yet it was my first time and I didn’t want to make it too hard for them, so I know some cartoon penguins wear hats because they’re cold, so. I also said before 7, at that point it was 619pm. Later I said pm.

Well, that night/next morning I woke up at 5am or so, and put on the TV to go back to sleep when eventually  Mr. Cooper was on. I was watching one of the characters try and make a bunch of the same type of thing out of craft materials. For a second I thought “!!omg, are those penguins??” then thought no, they’re probably snowmen -since they were putting top hats on them like frosty would wear.

Then I saw a bright yellow/white twinkle happen away from the TV but near it. It was bright and apparent enough for me to look away from the TV towards it and watch it beautifully and timelessly disappear so gradually that you can’t tell how it happened -like watching grass grow or a flower bloom. Its an organic timeless process, but this was more so.

I then heard the TV mention that they were rushing to make enough penguins. I looked at the TV and that’s what they were making! As they were putting a tophat on each one!

I muted the TV.

I got chills all up and down my entire body, engulfing, what I knew was the part of me that took up space, my physical body. Extreme and cold chills, tingling, engulfing, and just wow I realized a lot at once, and it felt oh so good, and loving, and everything else that’s amazing but not usually here.

Tears poured so naturally and slowly from my eyes bathing the sides of my face as I just knew, contact had just been established. We are definitely not alone. It was very divine, loving, a real ease, and a relief \beyond measure.

Confirmation that yes, those were snowmen, with hats on, so confirmation of an answer but also that it’s not just the Law of Attraction because I never had an image of that type of styrofone penguin with that kind of hat, ever in my mind, thus it’s not just the law of attraction and it is legit. They made sure to let me know that, they seem to provide 2answers at once so simply. That bright light, was a loving wink from them, it was all so real.

The other thing they tell you to do, is tell them you have confirmation once you receive it, so you don’t keep seeing penguins with hats etc throughout your life repeatedly. As I remembered this and wanted to tell them I had confirmation at the same time feeling as if they already know, I got an extremely comforting and warming feeling all over my body along with some tingling as well.

I unmuted the TV and they kept saying “we’ll never have enough hats for these penguins!” and I laughed and through my wet cleared up face said “Ok I got it, thank you” and was eventually lovingly lulled back to sleep, probably by them.



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