They’re like us, but better


December 26th 2013 Notes on last night.

-Please excuse the grammar, spelling, and writing, these are just notes-

Last night I probably went to bed with a fever. I was really out of it the day before, had 1.5 beers but had been taking medication to subseed symptoms, soar throught, chest, weakness. I took half a dose of Nyquil and as I woke up to I guess take the other dose, I remembered something.

An image was in my mind. The head was similar to one of a “greys” like ours, except bigger on top. Eyes were also much bigger then ours while nose smaller, as well as any trace of mouth. I didn’t see hair, and the skin color was one of a light coral perhaps. Looked like a skin color, but redder than ours, and the texture was firmer, maybe tougher. His/her eyes were beautiful.

As I looked in them, they were green yet changing, the way mine do, then to a lighter green. I don’t remember any spoken language or verbal communication, but one of feeling.

I automatically felt very safe with this being, and very touched. I knew they knew a lot more than us, and knew they loved us. They are like us, but better lol I felt as if this being was guiding me in some way, our visit could’ve been seconds or hours, but definitely stood on it’s own in terms of feelings and dreams, it had separated itself into some sort of experience.

I trusted this being a lot, and as I looked more into his/her eyes I started to wonder/realize if this was my future self. However whatever this race was, seemed so much wiser, better than us now. Then parts that got fuzzy as they drifted off into the realm, beyond where my conscious memory can reach, were also comforting. I felt standing next to them, that I knew nothing compared to them. They took me under their wing lovingly, and very gently, knowing more about me then I knew about myself. They were teaching me things, in such a gentle way, my mind accepted it like a cat drinking up milk. They loved me and I loved them. I was marveled. I remember thinking that this was huge, but somehow knowing that the next day I was going to act like/feel like, it was normal; like bypass it as some sort of dream or something.

I remember almost now knowing if aliens are real, what would happen to the idea of angels, they’re still there right? Or are they the angels, is this what angels look like, what have I been praying to every night, how do they relay to one another/co-exist..

Which is weird because I remember thinking at one point in “reality” that people did not want to accept the idea of possible other beings out there like aliens probably because they would then think that if they exist then their religious beliefs could not, which I thought was probably ridiculous and there was probably most certainly a way for them both to exist.

They were us, but better.

Is the thought that kept repeating to myself during this experience. They’re us, but better. It  was, to me, like an alien and human combined. I wonder if this is what they mean by hybrids…

They were all knowing, and watched over us –which is how we also describe angels no?

That mustve been what confused me, if that was their place, where did the angels fit in?

-They showed me a grid, an energy grid that ecompassed the whole planet of Earth, and how everything is controlled by that. Anything you want can be yours, based on what you put in the grid. You can have any life you want, simply measured by your ability to know and customize what your putting in this damn grid, that everyone, and I mean everyone, is participating in whether they realize it or not. There is an actual grid, it’s no longer just a figure of speech that I once contemplated is as possibley being. I saw a lot of things, us humans usually can’t visibley see. Metaphysically, like energy fields and stuff surrounding everything. We really are so much more then the physical, I felt as if I saw emotions around things, in the state of colors. I saw how we are all connected, and colors surrounding all of us, that in this “dream” I always knew was there for some reason.

I felt as if they were taller then us, bigger then us, but in a better shape. By their proportions, they were slimmer. They all seemed to be the same shape. I don’t remember genders. Their skin I recognized as ours, however it was different like I said, maybe thicker, tougher, rubberier, redder, but definitely it registered to me as people skin for some reason.

They were like us, but better.

So friendly, I wish we were that way. I felt like a 3 year old standing next to,  the most loving and nurturing family members you’de ever (most certainly I’ve ever) experience. They know us, they love us. They’re so incredibly understanding, and know what we don’t.

They’re like us, but better.

-see what happens when you don’t take the full dose of Nyquil


One thought on “They’re like us, but better

  1. A week later I came across this youtube clip/channeling. What brought me to it, was the drawing, which was exactly what I described in this blog. What’s even more cray, is the similarities that are just on-point to what I had guessed/felt in this “dream”
    idk just sayin

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