Twin Flame July 2013 DreamConnect

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ironic date at that…technically the day I married someone a while ago….O well, everyone’s got some kind of baggage from this lifetime Anyway on to more important things….

For the past month or so I’ve been wanting to connect with my Twin Flame in dreams, and I would send that request out to the angels before I went to bed. I also had a request, to somehow have him know, what a twin flame is, and better yet who is twin flame is (obviously me). I would pray to somehow have the angels or someone let him know.

I would wake up everyday wondering if I had dreamt of him, and not remembered since I didn’t want to feel unfulfilled. I didn’t want to lose faith in the metaphysical system, because that, in itself, is failing the system. (via Law of Attraction)

See here’s the thing though, dreams with him are unlike any other. They are a completely different category. The first dream I ever had with him was not only interactive but during the f*cking day. I’m saying we both weren’t asleep. Oh I never told you about that? Allow me:

Anyway, now that I got that(italic) out of the way lol there’s been many other dreams since. Many may consider them not “as good” in that, obviously with the others I was asleep, and we don’t know for sure if these were indeed interactive or not, as much as I knew with the first one. I feel they are, on some level.

It may not be a level where my twin flame’s Earth self can consciously remember, but perhaps our souls are communicating and I happen to remember, because perhaps I am more in tune to the metaphysical at this point in time, then he is. There are probably a lot I do not remember as well, and who knows perhaps he has the privilege of remembering those.

What I’m thinking, what my sense is…is that when these dreams occur we aree interacting on some level yes. This concept used to be so far out there to me…however as time went on, it seemed to have come closer and closer to me and I am getting a bigger and clearer picture of, how this is possible. Remember, I originally dismissed the first experience as part of my imagination, when, well I think we could both safely say at this point that it happened. The only problem is, we haven’t –to eachother. We are probably still both thinking it was our imagination, yet if we actually communicated on it we’de realize the reality of it.

Back to my main point of this blog. Welcome to 2013, we’re connections don’t require middle-men anymore. We seem to have a more direct connection to what we want and making it happen. Like I said, for weeks I was requesting that a message be passed on to my twinflame, to let him know it’s me. I also, if I wasn’t asking for that, I was asking to interact with him in some way, via dreams –where our souls are bare, the most true etc. We seem to have a much easier time communicating via dreams, vs the ego-weighted reality we live in.

Each time I asked for one, I didn’t think of the other with it. I thought of each as a separate entity, so who would’ve thought –the requests would be combined so simpley. The simplicity of this was beautiful.

Last night I had a dream. You know how dreams are, sometimes you don’t remember much, but what I do remember…is this. Our dreams our timeless, and I remember being somewhere with him, or around him. I saw his face. My demeanor was of it’s natural soul-state: calm yet very content. He was also happy and calm yet in a different way –there’s the ying and yang yet the same.

-I really wish we spoke about this so that if we aree having the same dreams, we could compare notes and possibley remember more; this world that we go to is awesome.

Anyway this morning as I was sitting in a Dr’s office for  a dr to look at my knee, I wrote down “There is a place that is not this, that is home to us”

Later on, my dream surfaced to memory.

Our energies were, as described. He seemed to be smiling a bit, probably being his witty flirting self, or tryng to be anyway lol –no matter what he tries to be, I always see through to him no matter what so.

He was being his light, now playful and perhaps fun (with me) self, and for once I got real during this joyous delight time; I’m not even sure if words were exchanged prior I’m just describing the feeling…but I remember finally turning to him and saying, calmly and with a smile, looking right at him in a calm happy yet knowing way, “Are you familiar with the termTwin Flame?”


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