After the Flame

A lot’s happened since 2008.

There is no after the flame, despite what happens.

What there is, however, is acceptance.

He seemed to have met me, in a crosscurrent of time. I don’t want to say “wrong” timing because, even though it may feel that way, “wrong” timing doesn’t exist.

I have had about 3 or so more year-long relationships since, he has had a couple as well.

I never forgot him, in fact no matter how hard I tried, my mind thought of him almost every day -but I believe that may be one of the most private things I will reveal on here because I’ve never told anybody that.

I hide it, reallyyy well.

Just because you’re twin flames, does not mean the lives you were both born into, will coincide so perfectly, as both of your souls do.

We live on Earth, with things that hold us down, like gravity, morals, expectations, judgments, egos, circumstances, and other paradigms that restrict us.

As limitless as true love is, there was only so much I could do, while maintaining myself in the realms of self-respect.

As much as I have this huge potential for love for him and don’t know why, I don’t respect that he’s judged me so easily -so snappily, without knowing a thing. I’ve tried to let go of this, but everytime there’s a slight chance of this, he gives me something else to judge.

Although, unlike him, I don’t judge him, I don’t respect his actions.

I love him and can be the best thing for him, but as I grew older, my self-respect flourished and also became more solid. Thus it’s a turn off how ignorant I feel he can be towards me -which is why I pretty much ignore him, until he’s right in front of me.

Think of him I do, but I think of his soul. Until he connects more with that, there’s not much that can be done, it takes2.

I am not thinking of  (what I see as) this judgmental human that I tend to encounter, that just seems to confuse me; although I do believe if he ever stayed in my life for more then a second, we’d be fine; because there’d probably be COMMUNICATION.

However, I do nottt bother with him until he bothers with me, and the minute he leaves I’ve already said bye; basically until he puts himself in my life, I’ve given up.

Not given up…..let go….accepted, yea given up. I used to think Ide die before ever giving up on this amazing connection I’ve never felt before but have, -but I know more about it now.

I know we are twin flames and my love for him is still there, however until he realizes things, , this is, this life.

I figured, I went through this, to enlighten people about it. Others are having these experiences with their twin flames. Me writing about this, is the evidence of me letting go; because for the past 5years I’ve kept this sacred, to myself.

However after many heartbreaks I wondered what the point was, of those beautiful experiences.

and through the tears (trust me I never cry) I realized one night, its to write about it.

It’s to share it with you. I wanted these experiences to result in the love we both deserve, and our family etc but as patient and sweet as I’ve been through this whole thing, I am still human and still felt the pain.

Artists recycle pain. As I was going through it, I decided to use this beautiful energy (although painful, beautiful that someone could love another that much, without realizing why, on a soul level) and put it towards something beautiful, that can help others.

Comedians also recycle pain. Most comedians are known to be depressed. I’ve been told sooo many times I’m a comedian, and although I have many many reasons to be depressed, I am not. I feel it like everyone else, I just -like I said- recycle that feeling, and make it into something useful.

I feel it, even after I turn it into something funny, just less so, but laughter really is the best medicine as well as relief.

So thus, when you are going through something, allow yourself to go through it in the best way you know possible, however if you feel your soul or self not wanting to stay in that feeling much longer, harvest it, into a healing energy. Use it to help others, as well as yourself.

When you are ready, and only when you are ready, consider it a lesson learned that is making you/made you stronger, and it happened for the best because something BEAUTIFUL will be born out of it, in some way or another. Something better then how great you thought that experience was going to be, trust in that, and it will be so. 🙂

I didn’t understand what was happening to me, when I met my twin flame. I didn’t understand the feelings that followed; and it is hard for someone to understand how you can love, or feel the potential of so much love, for someone you barely know.

However my intuitive side has led me to do some research in the new age and lead me to some answers that made complete sense. You’ve always known your twin flame, which is why intuitive people will feel that familiarity when meeting them, etc etc etc. It’s so much more then the writing I’m putting down on this paper. Knowing about twin flames, will reassure anyone who has met their twin flame, that they are not crazy.

Some twin flames really work out, as they should. The New Age is allowing this to be, thank God, and I hope anyone that comes in contact with theirs, works out beautifully with them. I wish mine were free minded enough to realize is he relaxes and realize what’s really up, everything will flow so freely and naturally. We would have, so much fun and be so calming to one another.

There is no after the flame, there is only acceptance, and the hope that your experiences will propel you to do good for the world, as it has done for me.

Thank you




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