Twin Flame Gets Real


This is the second part of the:

Twin Flames Intro and Background Info


However, reading that is not a prerequisite to reading this, it is merely the Earthly experience that is ironically out of this world, explained in as logical terms as I could fit it in. It’s good to start out with that blog if you are new to the concept of Twin Flames.
This blog gets a little more interesting…

Things happened here and there where he would find out something about me, and think I was lying about it because apparently it paralled him to the tee. Such as me living in Jacksonville Florida prior, I guesss he has a place there idk…and me wanting to write sitcomes…apparently he thought I was lying about that as well even though my scripts were in my car..

There were other things but we really seemed to flow quite nicely, in the most simple, and the most natural beautiful way I’ve ever experienced. This was like a blooming flower, easy.

Shortly after meeting, he went on vacation. He would text me here and there but we’de be busy with our own lives. Anyway, there was one time I happen to be mentioning him to the family that helped raise me. They were watching TV, and I said something like “You don’t understand guys, I would trust my KIDs with this guy”

now, I don’t have kids, I was speaking of my future kids but right after I said that my mind went elsewhere…

Keep in mind this is the first time I’m making this public.


A series of images that I had no control over, appeared before me, I guess in my mind’s eye.

I saw him sitting on a beach, alone, gazing out onto the ocean. My mind then went to a place in the sky that he was staring off into, and now I am on a beach…

The sun must’ve been setting orr I’m trying to remember if this particular image was in shade’s of blue -Keep in Mind this “Dream” I had was in 2008, yet I still remember most of it.

I saw parts of a man, facing the water. I was on the waters side, looking at him. I saw a leg, followed by board shorts. As if a camera was going up his body in slow motion, then in parts.

I beleive the shorts were blue, white, and either black or navy….either way, they definitley had a draw string…perhaps there was some red instead but definitley board shorts, probably past the knee….

I saw an arm, muscular -but not too buff, but not too thin, natural. I felt so much love, for whoever this was….I’ve never felt such love before in my life…this was something I’ve never come close to experiencing before..

I was wondering who this was, I saw freckles strewn across the tops of his shoulders and cheeks. This was odd to me because this isn’t my type, yet that didn’t register in my feeling department, I was still feeling and overwhelming amount of preciuos love for this being…

He was smiling…typing this, is bringing tears to my eyes, because it is so beautiful to me, still to this day

-Love knows no time.

He was, beaming in the moonlight, whoever this person was that I had an overflowing amount of love and respect for, unrestricted free-flowing, the most natural, to the core love I’ve ever felt…

His hair seemed a bit auburn…

As the view went down to his muscular, awesome, relaxed shoulders to arms, I noticed he was holding something. What is he holding…my minds eye is whispering..

I saw the utmost PRECIUOS little hand, attached to the most preciuos little arms, on his. I felt SOOO much love for this little creature, I never thought this amount or type of love was really possible. Holy sh*t

This little hand, and little arm belonged to…a preciuos bundle in a diaper. It must’ve been warm out because the baby’s bare skin was against his, and he was holding..him(?)

I felt this preciuos little being that I had the most love ever for (I thought the love I had for himm was a lot and could not be surpassed, but I guess I was wrong considering the love I had for this baby was beyond even that new chart)
was part of me in some way…

I still had to wonder, who was this…It went up, past the baby’s head onto whoever was holding the baby, his neck…freckles…was that…was that him???

I say him because I’m not mentioning names, but when I say him I’m referring to the guy I just met at the time, who was then on vacation, alone, on a beach -apparently as I later come to find out.

Yess, omg it iss him. He’s beaming in the moonlight, smiling from ear-to-ear, looking down at the baby, sleeping, then back up towards the water. I now see him rocking up and down with the baby, like bouncing -yet at the time I think he was still- I’m not sure it was mostly emotion..

He’s staring at something he loves, a lot, in the water. Whatever he is staring at in the water, gives him a lot of joy…

What could he be staring at, whispered my minds eye/soul view.

The view pans around, he was in front of me, then on the left as my gaze/view goes towards the right and sees in passing the beach and eventually the water…

There was a girl, dancing around in the water, in the distance..She seemed playful…laughing…her hair was darker and curly, she too, was beaming. She was in a bicini, and playing around but looking back at them a lot. She was free, the happiest she’s ever been, but the love she had for them sustained her, this was a happy unit, what a family…

Who is that girl…my mind whispered..

Is that…no way…is that ME?

Closer look, it was me.


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