Twin Flames Intro and Background Info

Once upon a time…or 5years ago -whatever you want to call it, I was going through a slow yet beautiful awakening of some sort.

I felt content in myself and everything around me.

I was visiting a friend at her job, and went next door to the pizza place to get us some food. As I was walking in, I barely noticed a guy washing the windows of the place, however nature’s harmony was definitely in motion.

He apparently noticed me, because as I walked by he saiddd heyyy, probably to a nonchalent hey I may have politley said in passing without even looking at him.

I couldn’t open the main door to the place, so he reached around behind me to help me.

My sight has still not noticed this guy yet, but my energy had.

There was some sort of beautiful, light, gorgeous nature dance going on. Like music was in the air.

I laughed as I couldn’t open the other door either, and of course he came to the rescue, so swiftly, so naturally, we fit together like perfect puzzle pieces.

As I walked in, he apparently did as well and got behind the counter, that’s when my world as I knew it stopped, and what I was put here for, began.

It was a moment of timelessness, tears come to me as I think back -like it was as if it just happened, I can reach this moment.

…to be continued

Next day continuing….

Where was I, o yea -my life changing forever from that point on, that’s right.

However it felt more like, this life changed forever from that point on, as I also felt as if I’ve been holding my breathe this entire life and now I could finally breathe.

As if I’ve reunited with something I’m the most familiar with, that’s so much bigger then this life.

Everything I’ve ever been through in this life, vanished. None of that mattered anymore, or felt like it ever existed, not in this moment. This moment was and still is, inexplicable, and thus is the greatest and most glorious writing challenge of mine yet.

The array of feelings had no boundaries because as new as this was, it was all soooo familiar beyond this life. I felt as if I were born again, yet reconnected with how much more experienced I really am at the core, beyond this life. As intense and lightening flash as this experience sounds, it still happened calmly and slowly. So if this makes any sense I felt all of this yes, but as a gentle breeze, despite the out-of-this-world ness of these senses and feelings.

That one place and time, reconnected me with an area of placelesssness and timelessness.

It’s hard to describe such an experience to humans, when we are just programmed to know or describe things with the 5senses, as this goes way beyond that.

Yet coming back down to Earth, let me allow you in on the motions and sounds that were happening at this time, a language we all speak.

When our eyes met, there was a definite shift, and a sense of beautiful beginning, yet also beautiful reuniting. However my Earthly and human brain can only handle so much at once, no matter how “intuitive” I was always told I was, which I still think every one is to some extent.

I somehow asked if he had a girlfriend without asking if he had a girlfriend. I slipped it in somehow, in some way, that could of been something like “your girlfriend must love how good with doors you are” or something that made sense at the time, was casual, funny, light, and implied he had some sort of girlfriend -because I was wondering. He revealed that he was single.

I then said something like “Well then your either gay, or related to me” out of the impossiblness I felt that he was single. How could, this guy, be single?? He also claimed he was not gay nor related to me -which that’s a whole other family history story about how my Italian Catholic grandfather married a German Protestant woman, and he became the black sheep of the family. Which is all fine and good I guess except for the fact that he had 7 or 8 siblings, who had kids, who had kids, I met none of these people thus, there’s probably a whole world out there related to me, and it was confusing at the time, how this guy seemed so familiar to me in some way, I couldn’t figure it out, but I loved every moment of it.

I have a poem about this, and don’t know where to put it, because I would like to know how to protect my words, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know, thanks.

this saga is continued in the next post


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