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This blog will be a blend of the life of a 27year old who has gone through more then most 50year olds, but lives as if she hasn’t. However what makes this blog different from other diary-like blogs, is that it’s integrating the moving, fascinating, and inspirational aspects of our time, also known as the New Age.

What people may not realize as of yet, is that we are in fact, in the Golden Age.

This is the age, where people are realizing their powers more and more, and regaining the creative control of their lives.

The more you realize life is limitless, the more tapped in you are.

This age is about letting go of old programmed paradigms and starting new.

I get the human aspect of how “hard” that may seem, after all I’m human. However what you need to realize is how “hard” or “easy” something seems, is really up to you.

Everything that is in your life now, you’ve attracted into your life whether you realize it or not, including this blog -which is a very healthy and good thing.

This is in fact, very refreshing to hear, because it also means that you can change your life at any moment.

I am hear for any questions or advice people may need on doing this, as well as exposing parts of my life so others can see how this works, and probably learn from my experiences as well. Like a diet, you can KNOW all you want about it, but DOING it is a whole different thing. DOING it, creates RESULTS.

However unlike a diet, this is sooo oooo sooo much more fun.

This is the age where people wake up, and take the reigns over their own life, love, happiness, and feelings rather then just following in the stream of energies that are around them. Create your own, master your life, get the most out of it that you can -after all that’s what we’re hear for, for the good of all.

No matter what you believe, God Bless, Sincerely -krisTina

http://youtu.be/kU0uLkxq7Z0 “The Other Side” by Bruno Mars


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