bEhiNd thE scenez


My name is KrisTina and I’m new to this whole voluntary-blogging thing.
My blog will primarily be about life, but more on the changes occurring on and individual and whole level, during this very interesting transitional time.

I am a “regular” girl, 27 year old Virgo, who does 27 year-old things. So as spiritual as this time is, it’s coming from a very real-world, down to Earth, fresh point-of-view.
I’ve always been told since I was very very young that I was intuitive, and had a gift in seeking out strangers in a room via their energies and helping them in sometimes, invisible, yet always amazingly effective, way.
I am not normal, in the sense that my life has been quite full for my age.

By age 11, I had lost both parents on separate occasions, then got hit by a car.
I’ve been on my own since age 17, married at 18, divorced by 23, and a lot more.

You can never tell these things by looking at me, I’ve been told I look quite naïve and innocent.
I am innocent in the fact, people may say, that I still believe in the good in everyone.

I’ve been told I’m extremely resilient, and “wise beyond my years” like my mom.
However, I’m still A-typical when it comes to certain things -I like to have as much fun as possibly while still paying all my bills etc.

Thus, what makes this blog different, is that it will be spiritual, moving, empowering, and hopefully inspirational WHILE funny at times due to the fact that I’m just not the typical writer and it’s coming from an extremely fresh and modern standpoint.

Remember this is NEW Age, where more then ever before is accepted, thus more freedom for more creation and innovations. I look forward to the experiences ahead, and let’s face it I should have started this blog sooner. I was writing about what people are learning now, before I learned it. I felt I was writing in a different language that no one could understand, yet with the “new age” I feel I now may have an audience.

It’s very hard to write about life when your so busy living it, but if I ever want to complete my soul mission to inspire more then just myy surroundings, I guess this is where to start.

I’m looking forward to also possibley reading other people’s experiences as well ;).

oh and p.s. I am also a Law of Attraction Specialist and Learner.
I can’t learn enough about the topic/method/techniques, and continue to train/mentor many on it, while helping them utilize it to change their lives geared toward what they want. I feel everyone should have the right to know and utilize this universal law for the good of us all 🙂


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